The realization of the macro-project of steady and high standing tourist development, Cabocana, Golf and Marine Paradise, with an investment of US$ 1,800 million, will generate a big source of income in foreign exchange that will help the development and national economy; besides giving job to more than 7,200 people for all the general services and more than 18,000 for the hotel and residential services.

Totally, more than 25,000 new jobs would be created in the zone, very depressed at present.

We would have this way a very competitive and exclusive development..
  • A tourist “duster”: “ CABOCANA, GOLF & MARINE PARADISE”.
  • A major tematic tourist destination, High Standing and steady.
  • A new tourist brand:“ CABOCANA, GOLF & MARINE PARADISE”
  • A new tourist destination, very well positioned, differentied and with the most complete and luxurious of the Caribbean

    Foreseen investment of US$ 1.8 Billion
    Creation of 25,000 jobs



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