Our Master Plan development proposal consists in 11 action units subdivided each in various development phases, that will reach an occupation of 36,000 tourist beds, residential and hotel, plus the needed for the service people.. Our development proposal stands on three fundamental bases:

The sport port: semi-interior of approx. 750 mooring cables for yachts of until 30 mts., with its marine and canals similar to the ones done 30 years ago in Empuriabrava (Spain), including shipyard, seafaring town, and ludic commercial center (F unit of the Master Plan).

5 golf courses: 18 holes each, to build with original rounds that go crossing the steep rock towards the sea, forming a whole in which 10 groups of 9 holes each, pivot over central axis of services, and in which the 1st and 9th hole of each group begin and end, respectively, besides that axis(making 45 “different” rounds), where there would be the club-houses, commercial and entertainment centers and exclusive hotels, as well as the golf services maintenance. Going along the groups of nine holes there will be the luxurious villages and the most exclusive habitats of apartments (D, G, I and J units).

Two action units of hotel areas, in front of the sea, with 16 five-stars hotels, which will have casinos, with american and european styles, and all the urbanization facilities (A and H units).

Everything supported by complementary activities:

Ludic: Fun and tematic fair, with an exhibition of all countries of the Latin World in America and Europe and the first one focused on the latin music history (E unit).
Navigation: engine, sailing, fishing, underwatering, and with the best firms’ representation with workshops and stocks, combustible and other services including shipyard (F unit).
Sport: Horseriding (with various disciplines), tennis, aeronautics, human hight and other specialitites, with schools and improvement courses, taught by teachers of international prestige (E unit).
Ecotourists and cultural: trekking, archaeology, festivals, etc… (E unit).
Entertainment and commercials: in the port, in the golf, besides the sea and hotels (B and I, etc.. Units).
Supplies and services areas: for all the needs (C unit).
Settled a part in the possible qualification of “zona franca-turística” (I unit).
Services city: For the people that works in the zone (C unit).

Option to improve all the activities with a list of élite teachers for each speciality
Then, the project would be positioned differentially and with competitive advantatges, vis a vis the offer in the rest of the country: in front of traditional one of sun and beach with hotels (that is not renounced, but enhanced by an original and spectacular pool, integrated into major resort, complemented by golf, navigation and other activities), is presented other of golf (original and unique in the Caribbean, except in Florida, USA), with a sport port, and with a big offer of every kind of complementary activities, very exclusive.

The resort is completed and enhanced by a proportional substructure of communications and accesses, road network (a general road below and above the steep rock would cross all the resort), water evacuation, residual treating and water depuration (to take profit in the golf), electricity supplies net., water and other services, as well as communications, specially new technologies and telephone. And complementary services: administratives, healthy, electricity, police, post, religious, finance, transport, etc...


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