The Dominican Republic is at present one of the most stable countries, socially, economically and politically, in the Caribbean, with a 7,8% growth in the year 2000, the most important among the Latin-American economies. The Dominican government has given more power to estable policies oriented to encourage foreign investment, underwriting the investment and profit repatriation. The tourism sector employs more than 5% of the total population bringing half of the foreign exchange entrance into the country, due to its priority industry consideration. This country has managed to be the most attractive tourist destination of the region, with a 18% annual growth, oriented more and more to be a luxury destination, located in an area of more than de 482 kms. of white sand beaches, some of them protected by a coralline barrier and qualified by the international institutions as the best of the world . The maritime or tropical climate is exceptional, with an average temperature of 27ºC. The modern communication net with all the world and the large availability of airports, roads and renting cars make the Dominican Rapublic to be within the travellers of all around the world. The country is 1h3/4 (flight time) far from Miami, 3h1/4 from New York, and 8/10 hours from the pricipal european cities.



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