EL CABO, S.A company is the owner of the land in Higuey town, Dominican Republic, land district 11/9, pieces of ground 392 and 393.
The land surface is of: 1792 HECTARES. OR 4427 ACRES with almost 9 kms of Caribbean Coast.

The property has a semi-circular shape, creating little coves, located besides the best beaches of the Caribbean, with thousands of coconut plantations and coralline coast, with sandy bottom. Crossed by an impressionable steep rock of 100m high that still have vestigesof the first colonistsof the island, the “taíos”, in a lot of unexplored caverns. The steep rock, arch-shaped and parallel to the coast, has two levels, with soft slope and panoramic sight to the sea from the whole property.The whole land owned by EL CABO, S.A has already the correspondent urban pre-qualifications and incentives (158/01 law) by the Tourism Secretariat, with a density of 20 rooms per Hectare. It has abundant water for the foreseen development, even considering the possibility of golf courses.

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